Indentifying Characteristices of an Effective Team

Topics: Team building, Copyright, Teamwork Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: August 30, 2013
ILM L2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills
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1. Identify the characteristics of an effective team and the advantages of working in a team (24 marks)

The definition of team work from the Business Dictionary: ' the process of working collaboratively with a group of people, in order to achieve a goal.The characteristics of an effective team are very positive. A strong effective team has a clear identity, and a clear and shared focus. An effective team will share similar values (commitment, and mutual support). An effective team will be competent, and tasks will be completed to a high standard. Success of each individual would be recognised. Belbins' idea of having various types of people, a mix of coordinators, shapers, plants, monitor evaluators, implementers, team workers, resourse investigators, and completer finishers. An effective team will have a main focal point, a mission statement and a purpose. An effective team will have good leadership, supported by all of the team. Each member would have a clear idea of their own job, and responisiblities. A good effective team will keep genuinely in touch with their customers. There are many advantages of working in an effective team. When a team works well together there is more productivity. There is an openness where individuals feel free to give opinions, leading to more effective and efficient ways of completing tasks. There is employee satisfaction, and a support network.

2. Identify possible barriers to effective team working (20 marks)

Poor communication can be a detrimental barrier to effective team working. If the team cannot communicate properly, this will hamper success. A lack of good management, or a manager that does not delegate properly. If an individual is not a team player then they are not going to work towards team objectives. If...
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