increasing women unemployment

Topics: Economics, Gender, North Africa Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Increasing global women unemployment threat to economy. The International Labour organization shows the gap between the males and females in global labour market was in control in the early 1990’s but it gradually increased significantly after the global economic crisis in 2007.Huge women unemployment is seen in most of the developing countries. In developing countries women involves in trade related sectors. Women contribute to the economy in large scale. Most of the domestic, cottage or small scale businesses are managed by them, but yet they face many obstacles which will prevent them from giving the full economic potential. The main barriers arise from the religion and the culture they belong to and by gender discrimination as well. ‘’GUARANTEEING EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEN AND WOMEN IS NOT JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO.ITS SMART ECONOMICS.” -Ms.Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director, UN WOMEN.

From 2002 to 2007 women unemployment was 5.8%.After the global crisis it was 6.5% which shows that 13million jobs for women were destroyed. In 2012 women doing jobs as house-mates was nearly 50%.the gender gap in global labour market in north America, Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa was large.

The sectoral segregation measures show that women are more limited in choosing the desired job. But now in developing countries women leave agriculture and small scale businesses and in the developed countries women leave the industries and they join to the service sectors such as education and health. Majority of the women from south Asia, Middle East and sub Saharan Africa do not get a proper education. Very young girls are forced into marriage. Women will have to quit from their jobs after marriage. Their main duty is to manage the household chores and raise the children.

Some women are afraid to move with the society and engage in work with the society due to how they have been raised and bounded by cultural and religious norms. Women get classified into...
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