Increasing Tuition and Fees Issue

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If you have experience of taking higher education in the United States, you must know how expensive tuition and fees are; however, the tuition and fees gradually have climbed since inflation and budget reductions. The two causes are seemingly proper to increase the tuition and fees, but it burdens by squeezing the middle-income families and causes most students to need to go into debt or get a part-time job to pay tuition and fees. Nevertheless, in this high unemployment generation, most graduated students discover it’s hard to find a job to get income to pay debts. The universities charge mandatory services fees but students may have no idea about it. Also, most universities have budget reduction problem, but they would rather raise tuitions and fees to cover the budget reduction than cut employees’ benefits or restructuring administrative costs thus choose raising tuition to cover the budget. The tuition costs of universities are so high because of unnecessary service fees and budget reductions. I feel schools should change the manner in which they provide academic service and give students a worry-free environment for study.

According to the research report by Laura McMullen in the U.S. News (10 Most Expensive Private Colleges ), “In data reported by 829 private colleges to U.S. News in a 2011 survey of undergraduate programs, the average total cost—which includes average cost of tuition and required fees for the 2011-2012 school year—is $27,340.” Although universities’ students can apply for financial aid, that doesn’t mean they should pay the required fees for the unnecessary services. Some students never check tuition payment details, but if students go over the payment lists, they can observe they are charged service fees which are never used or even known by the students. For example, my friend, an international student who currently attends UNT, told me he was charged a $52.5 USD (see example table) transportation fee every semester. Formerly, he...
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