Increasing Lorry Weights and Dimensions Within the Eu

Topics: Semi-trailer truck, Semi-trailer, Tractor unit Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: November 26, 2009
Since the road freight industry begun, there has always been a large demand for goods to be transported around the country by road due to the benefits, which it brings. Due to the high demand, vehicles sizes have increased over time into the lorries which we see on our roads to this present day. In 2001 the last increase in weight was improved for HGV’s to carry up to 44 tonnes in weight (U.K) from the original 40 tonnes in weight. The current maximum length of a HGV is currently at 16.5 meters for an articulated vehicle and 18.75 meters in length for drawbar combination vehicles. The maximum width of any HGV vehicle is 2.55 meters. This paper looks to identify increasing lorry weights and dimensions within the European Union. I am going to look at a possible increase from the current dimensions (as seen above) to a possible 25.25 meters in length and 60 tonnes in weight. For this increase to be possible a vehicle must pass a number of tests set by the European Union in order for it to become road legal. The Dick Denby Eco-link B double trailer does this with ease; the vehicle is split into three parts. The first part is a standard tractor unit and the final part of the vehicle standard semi trailer. However what makes the Eco-link B double so much different from other lorries is the middle part of the vehicle. This has two special features, the first, two rear axles steer with an Ackerman style linkage linked to the tractor trailer articulation angle and the second is a king pin style coupling allowing another standard semi-trailer to be used as a second trailer. (Savoy 2006) The vehicle is over nine meters longer than an original Articulated lorry but still manages to abide by the rules of the EU turning circle and has passed all technical tests a new vehicle must pass to become road worthy. The Eco link nearly has the same turning capabilities as of a normal articulated lorry and has a better breaking system in place. As roads become more and...

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