Increase awareness of Habitat for Humanity’s disaster response program in the United States

Topics: Social media, United States, Facebook Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Increase awareness of Habitat for Humanity’s disaster response program in the United States In order to increase awareness of the disaster response program facilitated by Habitat for Humanity, it is vital to perform heavy marketing. There are many Medias to use and due to the high-demand of an exponential brand awareness growth, it would be optimal to utilize a variety. Using numerous methods can greatly expand the target market. Social media websites are some of the most browsed pages amongst the internet. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are some of the hottest sites on the internet. Facebook advertising has become so sophisticated with the many features they offer. The firm can set a daily budget for promoting posts (including photos and videos) via the Facebook page. Promoting posts means more people see them. The Facebook page would also relay information regarding the training seminars. Some of the photos that be shared should include housing disasters, people volunteering, houses being built, and supplies being transported. It is also important to give recognition to those who help. Instagram is a photo app, therefore, only photos and videos can be posted. This is a new niche for social media, and is a great advertising tool, when used correctly. Interesting photos should be shared to advocate people to help. TV plays a huge role in advertising. TV ads should run throughout the day to catch those without a job. This would be a primetime to grab the attention of people with free time, our idea persons. TV also offers streamlined great quality video and audio. Radio reinforces what was stated on the TV’s, radio, and the web. Due to the lack of image-portraying on the radio, the audio can reinforce the points stated. Another good method of advertising would be on the Transit and highway billboards. These forms of advertising are relatively cheap when measuring the CPM (Cost per thousand). A gigantic amount of traffic passes by both highway billboards and...
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