Incorporating Responsibility into Science

Topics: Science, Human, Technology Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: September 23, 2014
The remarkable feats of science and technology have uplifted the scientific community to a divine status. Even the grave ecological consequences of unrestrained scientific development could not undermine the sanctity of scientific freedom. Under the conditions of undisputed license the scientific progress increasingly manifests its threatening prospects, such as the ominous potential of genetic manipulation.

Yet, despite the large-scale ecological deterioration and the biotechnological menace of genetic manipulation, the re-evaluation of scientific freedom remains within the insignificant confines of impractical academic debates and fringe opinion articles. It appears that science itself is not immune to the human propensity for dogmatism. The scientific establishment, which is so naturally identified with open-mindedness, paradoxically refuses to consider the mandatory adoption of moral values related to recognition and elimination of malignant potentials enfolded in scientific ventures. The dogmatic manifestations of the scientific establishment arise from a sense of power that rests on the predominance of science and its unparalleled achievements. But history unmistakably demonstrates that every human discipline intoxicated by the sense of power and dedicated to the structure of establishment is bound to degenerate.

A more modest outlook on science is advisable. Science is currently evaluated in terms of the amenities associated with scientific development. But the existential complications and ecological damages incurred by the scientifically induced comforts pose a grave question mark over the durability of such scientific virtues. The most important role of science has proven to be moral rather than technological. Science introduced humankind to the deeper nature of humanity. The scientific age, which provided humanity with unprecendently powerful tools, has disclosed that given enough power humankind becomes a menace to itself and its environment....
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