Incorporating Homosexuality Work

Topics: Homosexuality, Gender, Lesbian Pages: 3 (407 words) Published: February 14, 2014

The problem of homosexuality among people in Malaysia has been attributed to three main factors which are the religion, relationship and social.

2.0Topic sentence 1:
One reason for this problem is religion.
2.1The lack of religion education.
2.1.1The impact of parents because of not giving the religion educational to their children from kids.
2.1.2Their children will not interested to know about religion.
2.2The people do not practice their knowledge about the religion.
2.2.1They do not take it as a serious problem.
2.2.2They do not want to be control by the rule of religion.

3.0Topic sentence 2:
Another reason is about relationship.
3.1They trauma to fall in love with the different gender.
3.1.1They have an experience of dispointed in love with the different gender.
3.1.2Because of the bad experience of love.
3.2They didn’t get love from their parents.
3.2.1Their parents always with their work and they do not have time to their children.
3.2.2Because they always alone at home although in weekend.
3.2.3The children especially boys disconnect from other males due to negative experiences with males. (Richard P,1997)

4.0Topic sentence 3:
Another reason is the social.
4.1Because of the influence of peers.
4.1.1They want to try do something when they saw their friends do.
4.1.2They are attracted from the first meeting. (James R. Murdock,2007)
4.2Influence from media
4.2.1Because of the era technology, they open the website of gay/ lesbian and can make appointment for the first date.
4.2.2Example: -couple gay -couple lesbian
4.2.3“I don’t think the media influence who I am or what I do. I mean, sure, I watch a lot of shows and movies also read...
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