inclusive teaching and teaching strategies

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I worked as a teacher of children aged 5-12 with learning difficulties ADHD and Autistic spectrum children. My work included attending to the pupil’s personal needs and implementing personal programmes, including social physical and welfare matters. I encouraged pupils to interact with others and engage in group activities for example peer group activities, games, chanting slogas and music class. I also encouraged pupils to act independently as appropriate for example by arranging their bags, shoes, going to toilet without help. I gathered and reported on information from and to parents and carers as directed for example through daily discussion with parents. I was responsible for making sure the pupils understood instructions. I received monthly one day professional school based training workshops in handling ADHD children and other behaviour problems in informal teaching methods, particularly in maths and training also in teamwork within the school. From all these experience I found a way to work with colleagues and pupils of all backgrounds and I am very aware of the importance of inclusion and acceptance inside and outside the school environment. I have students of different ability learning styles, backgrounds and experiences In my class I am used to preparing class rooms for lessons for example simple addition I need to use play way method to understand the concept by using bottle caps, pebbles, blocks these course materials are relevant to the normal and special need or learning difficulty student. I can modify course materials, activities assignments and or exams to be more accessible to all students in my class room. I need to focus all of the learners in the class room this can be achieved by introduce themselves, clear eye contact to each and every one and good voice control is very important.

The fundemantel right of children with developmental disabilities to receive an education in age appropriate, supported to learn, regular classes, contribute...
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