Inclusive Practices

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Compare and Contrast
Inclusion can be controversial it is important to have inclusion but the controversy can be with how to go about be inclusive. Inclusion is a philosophy not a program and there are not guidelines on how to be inclusive it is determined by the school. This being the case there is the problem of inclusion could merely be a matter of opinion whether or not a classroom or school is inclusive. Inclusion varies from school to school and in the different types of school, though it is known that inclusion is needed there is the grey area of how to accomplish this. There has been a shift in moving to integrated classrooms instead of having specialized classrooms.

To understand the debate of inclusion it is first necessary to define inclusion. Inclusion as stated Colleen Tomko in “What is Inclusion” (1996) is; “Inclusion is part of a much larger picture then just placement in the regular class within school. It is being included in life and participating using one's abilities in day to day activities as a member of the community.” Through this, we must realize that inclusion, as a philosophy must be in all aspects of life not just in the school. Tomko brings up the point that though they maybe have different learning than the typical child they are first and foremost people first and we must treat them as such. We must be sure their basic needs are addressed everyone wants to feel like their life has meaning, that they are loved and they have a sense of belonging (1996). This can be possible not merely by placement in a regular classroom but also careful planning, preparation and support (Tomko, 1996). The child needs to be treated as a child not by their disability they are not defined by it.

The integration of the classrooms is moving to have children mainstreamed into the general education classroom. However, no matter how good the intentions were there maybe some out lash as seen in Haynes (2006). This is a newspaper article about the School Superintendent in DC planning to move thousands of disabled students in private schools and special education they will also close 4 special education centers they are doing this to save money. This is a proposed 15-year plan renovating 121 schools and closing 19. They will move thousands of disabled students from private schools and special education centers to general education schools (Haynes, 2006). The real flaw behind this is that it may look good on paper but you aren’t accounting for the services the children have been receiving. It is more than simply moving children from one school to another. In the District of Columbia there was debate that in this system if the children’s needs would be met. Even the teacher’s were worried about this, for fear of regression and one teacher anonymously expressed fear of qualification her degree was in elementary education so she would have no clue how to teach special education students (Haynes, 2006). A similar situation in Toledo took place though there was not the out lash they had here but in Toledo it was an “unofficial” integration and the community and parents have not been told of any occurrence (Chapman, 2013). The article expresses several concerns over this the first being that it is not publicly known that the Toledo Publics Schools are doing this. This change may negatively affect the special education students the article brought up Lucas County (the county which Toledo is in) closed Larc Lane in 1999 a school for children with special needs. This school had physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, onsite nurses and behavioral support specialists, and one on one staff supervision for those with severe behaviors. The students then went to public and parochial schools those that were higher functioning were in classes in these schools in the basement or some distance away from the other classrooms they were still visited by various therapists and specialists those these were the higher...
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