Inclusive Practice

Topics: Education, Lesson plan, Teacher Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Inclusive Practice is a term which means the practical things that we do, when we are working with people who use our services, which demonstrate our professional values, standards, and principles in action. In particular Inclusive Practice is about participation, collaboration, and including people: where individuals are fully involved in choices and decisions that affect their lives and in the matters that are important to them. People who use mental health services say that being listened to, having their individual needs taken account of, and staff attitudes and values is a very important part of keeping well (Dunglas Research Project, 2005). The experience of participation is often as important as the end result. Participation itself may be an outcome. Inclusive Practice can benefit staff through sharing knowledge and learning new and effective ways of working with people. People who use services bring new ideas, and we are able to respond from a more informed position. Inclusive Practice is good practice, and is also about a human rights and anti-discriminatory approach to mental health. Inclusive practice underpins anti-discriminatory practice and is the practical way in which we put our equality policies/agenda into action. * The learners.

All learners are citizens and have rights and entitlements. They should be treated fairly regardless of race, religion or abilities. This applies no matter: - what they think or say
- what type of family they come from
- what language(s) they speak
- what their parents do
- whether they are girls or boys
- whether they have a disability or whether they are rich or poor. All learners have an equal right to be listened to and valued in the setting. * Equality and diversity
My understanding of diversity is broad – it encompasses gender, race, age, disability, linguistic differences, learning abilities, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and cultural background and so much more. Inclusive practice is...

References: Dunglas Research Project, 2005
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