Inclusive Education 1

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Module title: Inclusive Education1
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Inclusive education is embedded in a wide range of contexts which arises beyond special education and marginalization therefore; this piece of writing will provide a set of meanings of inclusive education as defined by different connoisseurs. We will also embrace in justified newspaper articles related to this subject and finally, voice-out some categories of disability that are overtly visualized in the Namibian context. Definitions of inclusive education

Harry (2005) define inclusive education as “the process of providing all students (including those with significant disabilities) an equitable opportunity to receive educational services with appropriate facilities in their neighborhood schools in order to prepare them for productive lives as full members of the society.” Harry’s view is concised in article twenty (20) of the Namibian constitution which mandates every pupil the right to education. This definition also entails that inclusive pedagogy should accommodate all learners being those marginalized, disabled and the undisabled ones together at the same school either through mainstreaming or integration. This view is exercised/implemented by some Namibian schools such as Andreas H. Kandjimi primary school in Kavango east region, which provides education to the deaf and normal learners through integration. In the same vein, Martin (2010) alludes that inclusive education is “an experience whereby every child shares all facet of ongoing education that will meet his/her unique needs and where all boards of education ensures that substantial learning resources are available. Daniel (2013) concur with martin and globalized his view that this subject also entails the paring of philosophy and educational...
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