Including Students with Special Needs: a Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers

Topics: Special education in the United States, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Chapter One
1. How are inclusive practices being utilized in your school? Students with IEPs receive full inclusion. Majority of our students’ LRE’s are 80% or more of the day in the regular education classrooms. 2. What is your opinion on inclusion? Are you a full inclusionist? A moderate inclusionist? 3. What are (were) the key influences in the development of special education programs in NMI? IDEA, No Child Left Behind

Chapter Two

1. Describe a child who you work with who could have a disability. What indications of a problem have you seen? 2. Name the specific individuals who carry out the responsibilities of providing for children with learning difficulties in your school. 3. What experiences have you had with IEPs?

Chapter Three

1. Describe your experiences with collaboration in teaching. 2. Have you done any co-teaching? Describe your experiences. 3. What factors affect parental responses to their children’s disabilities? 4. What parent organizations provide assistance to parents with children with disabilities in Saipan? S

Chapter Four
1.What high stakes tests that are used in your school? In your community? 2.Construct a probe to be shared with your colleagues. The probe should be for some skills that are essential in your particular course or grade. Follow the probe development instructions from the text.

Chapter Five
1. Review and learn the steps of the INCLUDE strategy. Be prepared to take a group quiz on the Include model. 2. What four key areas in inclusive classrooms do the authors use to describe the accomodations teachers can make? Which of these four do you think is the most important? Why? Which one do you think is your strongest area? Which is the weakest?

Chapter Six

1. List organizations in Saipan that provide services to individuals with low incidence disabilities. Collect some information for these organizations to be shared with your class colleagues.

Chapter Seven

1.What is...
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