Incident Report

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Incident Report Analysis

Objective: To provide the fire trainee a real situation for analyzing Fire Behavior, Risk Management, and Situation Awareness and for the trainee to identify Hazard Control failures, compromised Watchout Situations and violated Firefighting Orders.

Materials: Colored marking pens, a large sheet of paper for each group, masking tape, and a recent incident report.

1. Class divides into groups of 4 students ( preferably with folks you do not know )
2. Each student reads the incident report and uses the available information to continue. . .
3. Each group recreates the indent by drawing a large map of the burn unit and labeling key activities and parts of the incident sequence.
4. Each group prepares answers to all the following questions. ( This is done with minimal instructor input – instructors provide only guiding questions if needed – students will internalize concepts best by doing their own thinking )
5. Answers and analysis are discussed by the class with each group presenting their assigned segment, using their map as a visual aid.
6. Instructor keeps track of key components from the student's answers on board.

1. Identify the 3 main components of the fire environment and their impact on this fire situation.
2. Were any of these components outside normal controlled burn parameters for our region?
3. Did the fire behave in a predictable manner in this incident?
4. For each of the 5 items in the LACES checklist discuss the failures and successes.
5. Explain how is Situation Awareness critical here?
6. Which Watchout Situations were compromised in this incident?
7. Which Firefighting Orders were violated in this incident.
8. At what point in the Risk Management Process would you have done something differently and what?
9. Was this Situation preventable and how?
10. Was there a clear command structure and clear personnel roles in place for this controlled

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