Incident Management Systems Assisted

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Running Head: Incident Management Systems

Incident Management Systems assisted
Responders from law enforcement agencies
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Public safety agencies such as police departments have long recognized this problem and have worked to develop a system of emergency management incorporating the use of common terminology span control, resource tracking, and de concept of creating a modular system. This concept of modular system is the key to the success of incident management because not all incidents are the same size. In other words, some incidents are big and required many people to be coordinated and managed. Law enforcement agencies play an important role in the incident command system. They are designated to protect areas when is suspected terrorists or criminal activities, such as investigation, isolation of hot zones, and securing access where other first responders are performing their tasks. For example, the law enforcement agency; FEMA has and des settle and designed the equipment and personnel for different levels of explosives squads, observation aircraft such as airplanes and helicopter, mobile ground force teams, and special weapons and tactical (SWAT) teams. These different teams are intended to help and assist when is requests between jurisdictions, ensuring that agencies count with the specific resource needed when a different agency request any help.

Incident Management Systems assisted Responders from law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies which include State Police, Highway Patrols, County Sheriffs, Municipal Police and other agencies which pose officers sworn to enforce laws are those first responders that in one way or another are present on the scene when a terrorist incident occurs. Some of these officials’ first responder’s tasks include: •Securing the incident area or scene

•Providing emergency medical aid until help arrives
•Safeguarding personal property
•Conducting investigations
•Serving as...

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