Topics: Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, Unconscious mind Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: October 27, 2014
“Inception” by Christopher Nolan in my opinion was a confusing and also intriguing movie. It was hard at first for me to comprehend but as it progressed I was drawn further and deeply into it and I became extremely and overwhelmingly fascinated by it. Freud’s perspective and idea about his whole psychoanalytical theory was immensely used throughout the whole theme of movie in the form of dreams. The psychoanalytic deals in particular with the feelings, thoughts and desires that are repressed. Sigmund Freud described dream as being “The royal road to the unconscious” which interpreted in my own words means the key to figuring out what is unknown to the conscious. Ariadne created two big mirrors which reveals a reflection of one’s inner self and also shows how complex the unconscious mind is. The unconscious cannot be controlled which is shown in the movie when Cobb was going through his dream world with Ariadne and he could not prevent is mind from attacking her despite him wanting to save her. Dream reveals the thoughts of the conscious which we are unaware of and it brings about understanding what the dream truly is and how to furthermore interpret it, which is why Freud developed a wonderful technique made for categorizing dreams. The technique Freud created is broken down into two sections which are the latent and manifest content. The first content of the dream is known as the latent content. The latent content is the underlying, hidden meaning of the dream which we are trying to get hold of, while the second content is known as the manifest content. The manifest is the dream in detail and what is remembered. In the movie inception, the latent content was that the world he was living in was not unreal and the manifest content was if the world was real or not. Lucid dreaming is the awareness to know that one is dreaming and being able to control the dream used in the movie inception when Mr. Saito asked Cobb and Arthur to plant the idea in Fisher’s...
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