Inca Empire

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Jazlyn Colon January, 30, 2013

The Inca Empire

The Inca Empire is one of the most well known civilizations in the world. At its height, the Inca Empire covered about 2500 miles, spreading to modern day Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The Inca began as a small group in the mountains of Peru. Their center was Cuzco, which is where the administrative, political and military center of the empire were located. Beginning with the rule of Pachacuti in 1438. His name means ‘’ reformer of the world. ‘’ Under his ruling, the Inca Empire began the conquest of his ‘’ neighbors. ‘’ Pachacuti used force of arms and alliances to expand his empire. He ruled the new parts of his empire with the help of local rulers and his appointed officials. Local rulers could remain in power as long as they were loyal to the emperor. The Inca Empire was divided into 4 provinces or counties. As soon as a group was conquered, their land was taken over by the government. Some was given back to the people, some was turned over to the Empire, and some was given the sun god. The sun god was one of the many gods that the Inca people worshipped. The Inca didn’t demand thanks in gold or other goods from the people. Instead they required labor. Communities had to spend several weeks each year working on lands given to the Empire or to the sun god. They also had to work on building projects. The Inca had many ways to ensure that their people were loyal to them. Quechua, which is the language of the Inca, was taught to new people. The Inca sent Quechua-speaking people to live with newly conquered groups. Woman had a different way of proving their loyalty to the Empire. Woman had to work the fields, take care of the home, and take care of the children, but they were allowed to inherit property and could own property. A road...
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