inca civilization

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Inca Civilization
The Inca civilization lasted from the 13th to the 16th century, over 300 hundred years. The people of Inca used no written language so they relied on their people to carry important information from one generation to the next, oral communication. The Incas used a systems such as knotted, colored string called quipo to keep track of their business and finances. They strings told a story and required special remembers to interpret what each string meant. Quipo still exist today but as the remembers died the meanings of the quipo died also. Political ties were very important to the Incas. The would a form of art in tapestries. They used colorful woven clothes to solidify contracts between the capital of Cusco and the governing powers of outlying territories. These ties were vital in keeping the vast Inca Empire untied. The Incas believed in a variety of gods which were attached to a natural objects. ( sun, moon, or the earth). Vitacocha is the Inca god of creations. They believed Viracocha made the Inca out of clay of the earth and the rocks in the mountains. He also created Inti. They believed that their Emperors were a descended from the sun god Inti, so this gave them the same kind of demigod status that the Egyptian Pharaohs had. Inti gave the Inca warmth and light he was often referred to as the giver of life . Many worshipped supernatural powers which were called huncas and they were scattered throughout the Inca empire. The Inca reserved human and animal sacrifice for special occasion such as important festivals and the crowning of a new Emperor. The art of the Inca was very simple. They used aesthetics and the sculpture had ceremonial purposes. Most of the Inca art was destroyed by the Spanish to satisfy their greed for gold and silver. The culture and the art of the Inca was surrounded by a mystery . The Spanish saved some of the art because it gave them a glimpse of the Incas values and their way of life. The architecture was the...
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