Inaugural Address

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Inaugural Address Compare & Contrast

Presidents Kennedy and Obama were both men who changed the world when they become won the Presidency. While these men are quite similar, they are also very different. At the time of President Obama election many historical factors were going on like there were many of our troops fighting a war that began with the past previous president. Also America faced a trillion dollar deficit. During President Kennedy America was faced with similar historical issues as Obama like the recession and issues with our rights. “All across America, Democrats and liberals constantly announce that Barack Obama is the John F. Kennedy of the 21st century (Obama and Kennedy)”.

Furthermore, the non-verbal dispositions of both presidents were different. President Kennedy seemed a bit nervous, but he relieved some of the nerves when he presses down on the pages to release nervous energy. I didn’t think Kennedy was that bad considering the weather conditions and him being a lot older; but I don’t believe he was elegant or fluent but neutral. It wasn’t the best but I still command him because he was the president for a reason. I do want to list nonverbal factors Kennedy did have which was: eye contact, talk with hands (using authority) pointing of the finger, demanding something. Obama was more relaxed with everything his words, body language, and fluent when he began to open his mouth. Obama had many nonverbal factors: eye contact, powerful voice- came off honest and loyal, hands folded, refer to (we) as people, had on a suit made him look in control, rest hands on podium. I believe them both appeared confident because of what they had on and knowing what they wanted and why. He also wore red blue tie to show respect for opposite party which is republican.

With this being said, the main points of the speech is really what had my attention because I’m the type of person that’s concerned about what you’re saying and how can I read and...

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