Inadequate Computers and Computer Software at Mohawk College’s Librariesreport

Topics: Personal computer, Computer program, Computer Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: July 12, 2012

TO:Mohawk College students.
FROM:Fatme Khalife
DATE: March 21st 2012

The purpose of this report is to discuss the problem that the Mohawk College students have been and are still experiencing, that is the inadequate computers and software, and to outline some solutions that my group and i have discussed and came up with. We collaborated very efficiently through emails and conducting meetings at the library. Emailing was a good method of communicating but its disadvantage is that we couldn't get instant responses from each other.


Problem Statement:
The computers at Mohawk College Fennel campus libraries are insufficient to accommodate the needs of the students. Those available computers are also not satisfactory as they are not equipped with adequate software programs that are necessary to help students from different programs enhance their working experience. A student struggles just to find a vacant computer station. This is a serious problem in the college and it should be addressed appropriately.

Problem Question:
What can be done in order to solve the insufficient computers and software problem?


We have discussed a number of solutions that we thought would help out in solving the problem listed above, but unfortunately some solutions would not work out well due to some barriers, for example the cost of implementing them. Therefore, the only solution that can successfully be implemented and that can have a great effect in helping to overcome this problem is keeping a class or a room that will be fully equipped with mac and other personal computers which can only be used after a reservation has been made, it will be free of charge and you can reserve a computer online by just logging in to the Mohawk College website, and booking a computer specifying the period of time you will be spending on the computer which is a maximum of three hours per day, this is to allow other...
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