In-N-Out Burguer

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Describe In-N-Out in terms of the value it provides for customers. Throughout the years, the restaurant chain In-N-Out has accomplished excellent customer service and satisfaction. Moreover, their customer service is now classified among the top rated when compared to other fast food restaurants that are within In-N-Out’s range of service. Presently, the profit they are making is comparable to, if not higher than Burger King and McDonald’s. Many experts reviews have favored In-N-Out because they are known for giving customers secret menu items, which overall helps increase customer value. In other words, the famous “secret menu” strategy is bringing back not only its original customers but also their family and friends. Evaluate In-N-Out’s performance relative to customer expectations. What is the outcome of this process? In-N-Out has performed well when it comes to filling customers’ expectations. Thanks to the great performance offered by the restaurant; they have positive advertisement by their own clients. In other words, their own customers promote the food and service of the restaurant; saving the chain millions of dollars in TV advertisement. They are now famous for providing “Quality you can taste” as well as an original formula that remains unchanged. Another fact to their success is that, they have never changed their menu or freshness of the products. Millions of people talk about the freshness and tastefulness of the food and are always planning to return within days. Do you think In-N-Out should adopt a high growth strategy? Why or why not? I believe In-N-Out should remain with their slow growth strategy. This particular chain of restaurants has definitely gone beyond expectations. The truth of the matter is, a regular business with such strategy would have failed within the first three years. However, In-N-Out has exceptional in accomplishing what seems impossible to other fast foods such as McDonalds. The chain of restaurants it is not found in...
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