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Organizational Culture of
In-N-Out Burger

Originally founded in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder, In-N-Out is notoriously known to be the nation’s most infamous chain of fast-food restaurants due to their simple, yet high quality products and services. Over the years, the company has grown to see their share of competition from places such as Five Guys and McDonalds. This however hasn’t phased In-N-Out as they continue to keep a steady growth file by opening ten stores every year. Currently, there are 278 non-franchised restaurants mainly open in California, with expansion focused towards nearby states such as Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Since In-N-Out isn’t a franchised company, it allows for them to have great quality control and uniformity over their product and employees. Many people believe the reason for such success is their employee’s relations with one another and the freshness of their products, due to the lack of freezers, heat lamps and processed foods. The menu consists of about five items which keeps it simple. However, they also allow the customer to customize their burgers according to their needs, making In-N-Out a very unique fast-food restaurant. In their mission statement, they strive to produce the highest quality product and service while providing a team-oriented and associate-friendly place. Given that In-N-Out has great control over their stores, they are able to stress the same values and importance of “family” to their employees. Thus, making every associate contribute and feel part of a team to achieve the company’s mission statement. Since Employees are able to happily work as a team, they are guaranteed to produce better results and productivity. Therefore, In-N-Out not only invests heavily into their product but also into their associates. Thus providing every associate with the proper tools, supplies, training, and compensation, and at the same time, providing customers with the best possible fast food experience. Culture

Being that In-n-Out is a private company, information about their organizational culture is not very abundant in online articles or other media vehicles. However, since a member of our group is an In-n-Out employee, insights on the organizational culture of the company were mediated back to us by our team-mate. Given that information, we noticed the reoccurring values seemed to be centered on the inclusion of employees to the In-n-Out “family”. The suggestion that all employees are part of the “family”, allows us to better understand the dimensions of organizational culture that belong to the company. With the information provided by our colleague, we were able to reveal whether the company culture is, Process Oriented or Results Oriented, Employee Oriented or Job Oriented, Parochial or Professional, Loose or Tight, Open or Closed and Normative or Pragmatic.        Process Oriented versus Results Oriented concerns itself with whether a company is more focused on means or on goals. At In-n-Out, the culture favors more of a results oriented production line. Although it might seem as a process oriented environment, given that employees make hamburgers on a day-to-day basis, it is actually quite the opposite. Emphasis is on meeting the customer’s need for a great burger in a great environment as opposed to just their demand for a burger. The reason why a results oriented culture benefits In-n-Out is because they are in the business of providing a product and a service, ultimately placing them in the business of customer service.        The distinction between being concerned about your employees and being concerned with getting the job done is defined in Employee Oriented Versus Job Oriented. At In-n-Out, since the idea that every employee is part of a big “family”, the focus is definitely on the employees as opposed to just getting the job done. Since In-n-Out is Employee Oriented, their employees feel as if their...
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