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In a Good Company

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ETHICAL SOLUTION............................................................................................4 1) Utilitarian Approaches..........................................................................................4 2) Respect for Person Approaches............................................................................4 3) Golden Rule..........................................................................................................6 4) CT Norms.............................................................................................................7


The movie was about an employee whom name is Dan Fernand, works a company named “Sports America”. He was a boss of his work and then his company had been bought another company and this man forced to work under order of very young man who’s his new boss. New boss (Carter Durrier) will be so close with Dan and story goes over ethics of employee-friend relation. Dan is extra mile boss who is really good at his job; he is finding sponsors to sell advertisements to his company Sports America. Suddenly his company had been bought from another company and he almost losing job, his job depends his new boss Carter who is only 26 years old young man. Dan is 52 and he was thinking to leave his job but he will realize that his wife pregnant and his daughter accepted from New York University. Now, he has no opportunity to think his situation. On the other side, new boss Carter was so excited for his new job but things was changing for him too, his wife decide to divorce him. Carter became so lonely and looking for new friendships. Dan was perfect become perfect friend for him also he will see beautiful daughter of Dan (Alex) and they will get closer with Alex. After Dan realizes that his daughter is flirting with his boss things will get worse for them. After they get throw with this, they will co-operate against head-manager and be successful. The moral consideration in this company is “Unlike relation between employee and boss”. Manager-employee relationship is a moral problem at this movie. Because employee takes his boss at his home and his boss fall in love with employee’s daughter. In this movie, NSPE codes of ethics can be determined as “engineers shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees” at Canon 4 and “engineers shall not be influenced in their professional duties by conflicting interest” at Canon (III.5.b).

To make a resolution of the ethical problem by using the utilitarian approaches, we should look at the problems from aspects of employee and boss. 1) Utilitarian Approaches
Utilitarian approach from employee; Dan was the boss before his company has been sold and then he worked as a worker after new boss came. It was not easy for him because managers are not employees and so do not have engineering expertise this makes communication difficult. But Dan has no possibility to leave his job because his wife was pregnant and his daughter has just accepted to the New York University. Therefore, Dan needs to earn money for his new baby and school fee for his daughter. We see that “The Rule Utilitarian Approach” appears here. The utility be maximized because everyone did the same thing under similar conditions, this is called universalizability. Utilitarian approach from boss; Carter has just divorces from his wife and his in depression. He was not being able to think well but he was excited about new position at his new job. After a while the boss Carter and employee Dan meets and getting touch with each other, Carter receives an order from his boss that about a few members of company should be fire. But boss Carter would not fire the old boss Dan because, new boss Carter see that Dan is an extra mile worker, he is really good at his job so the concept of responsibility is good works for Dan. The function of new boss Carter is to direct the activities of the company, including the activities of employees. Carter is primarily concerned with the company present and future well-being by holding Dan at his work. 2) Respect for Person Approaches

When we look at the “Respect for Person” approach, we see that; Dan has to work under order of very young boss at his old position which is very difficult for him. Dan has to respect his boss as an employee because personal ethics is a foundation of professional ethics. As we now, the obvious difference is; professional ethics has to do with the ethical standards accepted by a professional community. Therefore, Dan has no right to say “I do not work under order of young new boss. This is impediments of responsibility which is called egocentric tendencies. Carter calls Dan on Saturday and suggests that there be a sales staff meeting the following day (Sunday). The meeting is just to throw around some sales ideas. Carter ignores Dan’s efforts to suggest that they not have a meeting. Because people who are employees have special lifes, families, etc. They need to spare the time to them. They need respect to their lifes. After the meeting Carter is looking to find someone to have dinner or drinks with him. He asks each member of the sales staff as they are leaving. Everyone turns him down. Finally, Carter invites himself to Dan’s house for dinner. Carter drives Dan home. When Carter is introduced to Dan’s wife, Ann, she extends her hand to shake his. Carter pushes her hand aside and gives her a big hug. Ann is surprised and uncomfortable with the hug. Carter admits to Alex, Dan’s daughter that he invited himself over to dinner because he did not want to be alone on the anniversary of the first date with his estranged wife. Dan tells Carter that he wants to tell Morty and Louie that they are being laid off. Then we see Louie and Morty sitting in Dan’s office getting the news. Louie takes the news poorly and starts blaming Dan. Morty, on the other hand, seeks Dan’s counsel and understands Dan’s predicament. In the movie, Dan shows his respect to his new boss and they work in harmony until his new boss Carter has an emotional relation with his daughter. In Dan’s life, he suddenly accepted uncritical acceptance of authority and authority use this condition as a self interest. After Dan knows that relationship between his boss and daughter, he went to his boss and fight with him. This is disobedience by contrary action. Dan makes an activity contrary to the interest of the company, as perceived by management. But there is a situation that whistle-blowing is morally permissible. Because the new boss Carter has done the harm to the employee is considerable. Carter should know that; making emotional relation with employees relatives is not professional. On the other hand, whatever happens Dan should not has right to fight with his boss. This criterion is “The Self-Defeating” This situation is alternative application of the universalizability, after analyze the situation and find out the available options they decided that to forget this situation. The main reason to forget this argument is applying “Golden Rule” reasoning by boss Carter. Carter sees that Dan need earn his money for his daughter and his new baby and wife. We should ask this question to ourselves, “Would I be able to perform this action if everyone did perform it under similar circumstances”. No reference to moral values of the boss or the employee. But in other situation; to apply the rights perspective to evaluation of general moral values as well as the evaluation of particular cases. * Identify the basic obligations, values, interests, and note down the conflicts. * Analyze the action to determine available options and rights which are at stake. * Determine the employee of the action.

* Evaluate the seriousness of the infringements of rights considering the levels of rights and the number of violations * Choose the course of action generating the least serious infringement of rights. 3) Golden Rule

The beginning of the film, we see that Dan is an idealistic man. Dan has experience too much and he has a way to self- imposed in business life. He has good relation between his customers and working friends. Carter is a realistic man and he is too young but he is very ambitious in business life. Also Carter has replaced Dan’s job. However, it is not hold over. Carter wants to develop of company. Because of, he dismissed many people in company. These people are Dan’s friends. Also, Dan upset for this. Dan said his thought very clearly. So, Carter wants to use his experience. Because of, Carter did not dismiss his. Dan also has got good family. He has got two daughters and his wife pregnant. However, Carter divorced newly and he wants good family like Dan. Also, Carter takes as an example of Dan’s life and business life. However, he is inexperienced. After a long time, Carter dismiss from his job and Dan return to his old position and Dan offer a job Carter but he is not accepted of this job because exactly he do not know what he want. Also Carter wants a mean of his job.

If we were Carter, we don’t accept this job like Carter because he is too young. He is already 26 years old. Young people generally not chose good job in own life for us. Choosing an employments are always difficult for the people. Even for mature people can be difficult choosing an employment. Carter is mentally developed his business life but he is not immature emotional. Therefore many young people change lots of job in business life.

4) CT Norms
* Avoiding Paternalism
When Dan meets Carter Dan asks Carter how old he is. This, of course, is a means of showing disapproval of a much younger person replacing him and becoming his boss. Carter then asks Dan how old he is. Carter tells Dan that Morty and Louie have to be fired. Carter explains that the two have bloated salaries. Because they have been at Sports America for the past 8 years.Dan suggests that Carter fire him instead, but Carter talks him out of that position. They were Dan’s colleague. They were working together. Carter doesn’t accept that suggestion because, Dan has a family, they are waiting a baby also, people to be in need of him. Carter doesn’t want to compromise. Dan tells Carter, as they are leaving, Kalb needed to see some old fart (Dan) take on someone half his age (Carter). That gave Kalb the strength to take on his nephew. Dan said that the best part was the ad buy was the right thing for Kalb to do. Carter, in amazement, says to Dan, “Wow, you actually believe in this stuff.” Dan’s responds that he does and why else would he do it. * Avoiding bribery and giving or receiving excessive gifts While in Carter’s office, Carter informs Dan that they will be playing on the Sales Department’s basketball team in the new basketball league that Steckle is forming. Clients should be taken to the Globe Com luxury suite. To complicate matters the suite is not available for Wednesday’s basketball game, so Carter tells Dan that he should entertain the client in the luxury suite at a rap concert on Thursday. Because Carter wants to sell extra 18 pages. Because of this gift is given before the decision, this case is about bribery. * Avoiding the violation of human rights

- Freedom of thought
The news around the office is that Teddy K will be visiting the Sports America office. When Teddy K arrives all the employees are lined up to greet him. Teddy K’s entrance is that of a rock star. Teddy K notices Carter’s black eye. Carter said that it occurred when he fell asleep at his computer. The employees gather in the conference room to hear Teddy K speak. In his talk, Teddy K compares his corporation with a new country, a new democracy. When Teddy K suggests, in his speech, that this new world could include a computer section in Sports America magazine, Dan’s laugh pierces the silence. Dan then asks Teddy K what he means. Dan also questions Teddy K about this new way of doing business. The rest of the audience looks at Dan with disbelief that Dan would question Teddy K. Dan delves into his question deeper about how the company is like a country. Further if it is a democracy, does the country not have an obligation to its citizens. This leads Dan to challenge the layoffs at Sports America as being responsible to the citizens of Teddy K’s new country. Teddy K thanks Dan for his excellent questions and then avoids answering them by challenging the audience to provide the answers. Right after the speech ends, Steckle storms into Dan’s office, where Carter was also present, and fires Dan on the spot. Carter stands up for Dan and tells Steckle if he fires Dan he also has to fire Carter.

To find solution to these problems first of all we should remind the personal and professional ethics. Both of manager and employee should be aware of this and work on this purpose unless there will be misunderstanding between management and employers. Managers and employers should work with co-operation, if they be friends they should keep this out of the work area and act as a professional not like friends. In this subject, employee and manager reflect their private relations to their office area and affect the well-fare of the company. This is not acceptable subject in ethics. The best solution for this subject might be; applying “Open Door Policy” at the

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