In a Dry Season

Topics: Outback, Reflections, Life Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: October 14, 2008
Henry Lawson tells stories of life in the Australian bush and its early inhabitants. His unique view of the bush conflicts with most modern views of Life in “Outback Australia”. His attitude does not support the positive opinion most people convey about the bush as he has spent a considerable amount of his life in the bush where he experienced first hand its harsh nature. The three texts studied, a drover’s wife, In a Dry Season and Fried Green Tomatoes all reflect the composer’s attitude and living environment. The exploration of these texts delves into the elemental development of characters, setting and plot and their relationship with the composer. Further more the exploration of the characters and the plot allude to the interaction between characters and events, this interaction allows us to distill the authors concerns.

In a Dry Season is a story about Henry Lawson’s monotonous train journey to Bourke and the harsh conditions of the outback which is shown through Lawson’s perspective from the train window. The harsh conditions of the bush conveyed are metaphorically representing the circumstances in which people live by in the bush as a result from social injustice. The statement that implies that the bush workers are only differentiated by their hat or facial expression further supports the theme of social injustice and its universal impact amongst bush communities. The train passes through several towns which consist of a pub and a general store, the main components of bush towns, yet their maybe the occasional building which is unique yet the foundation of the town makes every town alike. This implies the widespread effect of the barren landscape and the hopelessness of the people searching for work. In a Dry Season focuses on the landscape of the bush and the setting in which the characters are associated with. Lawson’s understanding and experience of the bush life allows us to develop an understanding of the setting as it provides the opportunity...
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