In Which of the 13 English Colonies Would You Have Preferred to Live?

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Colonialism, Economics Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: February 12, 2001
I would have preferred to live in Pennsylvania out of all the thirteen colonies. Pennsylvania was a very prosperous colony due to the fact that everyone had economic opportunity. Also, the people had civil liberty, allowing them to surpass the other colonies that had multiple restrictions. In addition, they had religious freedom unlike other colonies. Pennsylvania had many great features compared to the other colonies. In Pennsylvania, progress was made toward social reform. No provisions had been made in order to receive military defense. This colony promoted peace. Also, no restrictions were placed on immigration, and naturalization was made easy, making it easier for new immigrants to move there. Many people in the colony disliked the idea of black slavery. Therefore, all of the social characteristics made it easier for the citizens to grasp the concept that there was no need for contradictions in social status. There were many economic opportunities in Pennsylvania. The soil was fertile and there was plenty of land. Grain was a big export here and earned Pennsylvania the title as one of the "bread colonies". The water was also very clean, which helped to prevent diseases. The economic characteristics of Pennsylvania helped the economy to prosper. Due to the fact that Pennsylvania was liberal, it helped it in politics, religion, and with ethnic ties. Pennsylvania had a representative assembly, voted by landowners. The colonists had freedom of worship and a "no tax-supported church". The rich mix of ethnic groups helped the colonists learn more about other cultures and also helped to bring forth new traditions. Therefore, liberation helped gain strength in the political, religious, and ethnic ties in Pennsylvania. The social characteristics of Pennsylvania made social reform easier. The various economic opportunities helped the land prosper. Also, liberation aided in political, religious, and ethnic connections. Pennsylvania, in my...
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