“in What Ways Has Information Technology Changed Work and Working Practices in the Past Ten Years?”

Topics: Science, Information technology, Space exploration Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: April 19, 2013
We live in a world characterized by rapid social, political, economical, cultural and technological change. The past ten years information technology has changed work and working practices dramatically affecting our lives in various ways. Firstly people have now the opportunity to work online no matter what disabilities or other health problems they have. Therefore the economy of the world is affected positively achieving progress and world improvement. Furthermore, the time saved by using the information technology can be used for extra work as the fast access on information can allow people to finish their work in a matter of seconds. Secondly, the course of information technology and relevant courses have been added to the wide range of courses a student can take in a university in order to achieve a career in computer science. Therefore students have now the chance to choose this course whether it meets their possibilities and interests. Added to these, information technology has brought scientists closer to robotics, as a result many jobs are now done by remote controlled machines. Jobs that Humans cannot perform due to their nature. These tasks require strength, high speed elaboration and accuracy. Advantages that humans lack. Finally, the past ten years information technology has widen our horizons by allowing us to explore space without being stop by the fear of losing our lives since we can now use remote controlled satellites and space crafts. We can even send astronaut robots to do the exploring instead of sending humans. Concluding, information technology has literally alternated our lives these past ten years, giving us the “wings to fly” into the world of digital knowledge and come out fully equipped with the required supplies ready to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams in this tiny world of constant change!
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