In what ways can the short story Flight be seen as a story about Change? How does the author explore the idea of Change?

Topics: Family, Short story, Essay Pages: 3 (1215 words) Published: November 24, 2013
In what ways can the short story Flight be seen as a story about Change? How does the author explore the idea of Change? 1. Essay must focus on the essay title.
2. Quotations must be contextualised.
3. Analyse language (words) used in some of your quotations. 4. Essay must be written in present tense.
5. Points must be made precisely, and clearly.
The short story Flight is a story full of symbolism written by Doris Lessing. This essay will explore the symbolism in this short story. The story opens with the old man tending to his doves and feeling happy. It then transits to him watching his granddaughter swinging near the fence, looking past the valley. This is very symbolic as it shows that his granddaughter is swaying on the edge between freedom and staying with her family. This can be seen in the second paragraph of the story, “His eyes travelled homewards along this road until he saw his granddaughter swinging on the gate underneath a frangipani tree. Her hair fell down her back in a wave of sunlight, and her long bare legs repeated the angles of the frangipani stems, bare, shining brown stems among patterns of pale blossoms.” The message of freedom is extremely strong in this paragraph. The writer describes the girl’s hair as a wave of sunlight. Sunlight and light shining down is traditionally linked with freedom and hope. The writer uses this metaphor in order to get the sense of freedom across to the reader. The sunlight running down the granddaughter’s back was like the granddaughter was dreaming of freedom. The text also shows the girl is unsure of freedom or safety at home. The granddaughter swinging on the edge of the fence is showing her mood; she is swinging on the “edge” between freedom, outside the fence; or safety, inside the fence. This is a metaphor the author uses to convey the change of the granddaughter to the reader. The swing is very symbolic as it is representing her mood. The granddaughter slowly beckoning towards...
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