In Waltz with Bashir a documentary film

Topics: Waltz with Bashir, Lebanese Civil War, Ari Folman Pages: 1 (223 words) Published: December 10, 2014
In Waltz with Bashir a documentary film that is about the 1982 Lebanon War. Director Ari Folman takes us back to the Lebanon War to help him recollect his memories as a soldier. In the film, Folman uses many elements of documentary form, from the voice of authority, talking heads, the director-participant approach and self-reflexivity. The element that we see this film mostly use is the director-participant approach. The film is in a cartoon form, and if we were to take away the cartoon aspect of it we would see Ari just interviewing the soldiers that he was along side with in the war. In the film it self Ari goes to different people from his squadron and interviews them. While the interview is happening with each person, when the person begins to tell him what actually happened, Ari using the director participant approach takes us back in the cartoon form to what took place. When he does this, the story focuses around Ari, and he is able to separate himself from the real Ari compared to the Soldier Ari creating a very well persona for the soldier Ari. He does this throughout the film that helps separate the two characters making it a lot easier to follow the film, considering its unique cartoon/interview method of telling the documentary on the Lebanon war.
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