In These Two Stories

Topics: Black people, White people, Slavery Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 2, 2013
In these two stories, the authors present the same theme but using different ideas and stories. A dark brown dog shows the racism the blacks have the desire to fight against the freedom, while an occurrence at owl greek bridge develops the theme of the reality of illusion so as to get the freedom.

First of all, the story “a dark brown dog” uses symbolism to show how racism makes the blacks want to get back the freedom. The title of the story symbolise the image of what the story will be focused on. The dark colour of the dog represents a man who is a black and a slave. This demonstrate that the blacks are considered as a dog and low class level at that time. Also, they do not have rights to say anything and they need to obey others. Furthermore, at the beginning of the story, the dog is tripping over the long piece of rope tied around his neck. The piece of rope symbolise slavery are controlled by someone else and they would like to escape from this harsh situation. However, the dog just look at the boy and this reveals that the blacks do not know how to find a way to fight against their freedom. Another example is that the boy always beat the dog in order to calm him down. This beating gesture symbolise the blacks are also treated as a dog and always beaten by others. This represents the role of slavery are still remain in the black’s society.

Secondly, the story “the occurrence at owl greek bridge” also uses symbolism to the theme of reality and illusion. The symbol of driftwood represents the idea of the theme. For example, the driftwood make Farquhar thinks about his wife and children. This demonstrates that Farquhar escapes from the reality and believes that he is released and stay with his family happily. Also, Farquhar sees the water as the dancing driftwood. He is then falls into the illusion and starts dreaming that he jumps into the water and swim away from the enemies.

Last of all, these two stories shows that the characters cannot get back...
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