In the Year 2000

Topics: George W. Bush, United States, Iraq War Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 10, 2007
In the Year 2000

Every decade has something it is remembered by. For the sixties it was the groovy tunes. The seventies were remembered by experimentations in new more potent thrills, and the eighties were remembered by the terrible fashion taste. But what is to be remembered of the years of 2000. There is a war going on and the country is ruled by a complete utter moron in lamence terms. The music has gone downhill where it's not cool unless its rap or some pop idol. There are controversies in Hollywood where everyone is in each other's personal affairs. Not only this, but the rising cost of transportation. This is a decade based on a political joke. George W. Bush, a.k.a. the worst president to ever hold office, decided to start a war on terrorism. This war on terrorism some how inflated into one of the biggest controversies in the world. Trying to make peace in the Middle East has been the main agenda of this five-year war. People in the U.S. now have to be scared to even ride on an airplane. The sense of security has not been this bad since the cold war. This and the fact that teenagers are becoming ridiculous with the new trends is what has happened to our clever economy. The mainstream thing to do now is have your pants halfway down to your knees, smoke newports, and listen to rap music. Music is something remembered in each decade. The eighties were bad but we finally went over the edge. The controversies of these worshiped idols have become ridiculous. It's been a reality mania with washed up stars coming back and tabloids that seem so true. This has been the focus of this generation. Last but not least, there is the rising cost of gas prices in America. It has become ridiculous that Iraq only pays three American cents for gas yet we are now up to at least three dollars. Teenagers that work at minimum wage jobs work in order to be able to afford to drive. It has become complete chaos that will never end thanks to our commander...
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