In the Woods

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Adam Robert Ryan is a detective; he works for Murder for the Dublin police. He loves to lie and craves the truth. When Adam was a kid he had two best friends, Peter Savage and Jamie Rowan. He lived in Knocknaree, Ireland, on the outskirts of Dublin. One day the three decided to go on a little adventure into the woods behind their neighborhood, something they did a lot. Soon it started to get late but their parents did not worry because they probably thought the children had just lost track of time. After a few more hours they the adults to worry and eventually phoned to police. They devised a search party and went into the woods where they found something they were not expecting. What they found was Adam Ryan, with his nails dug into a tree and his shoes filled with blood that was not his. Peter and Jamie were never found.

Adam never remembered what happened in the woods that night, maybe he refused to or maybe he just didn’t. He did eventually move on with his life. After the event him and his family moved out of town and Adam went to boarding school and did everything he could to try to separate himself from his dark past, even changing his name to Rob because it was more common than Adam.

When Rob grew up he became a detective hoping to some day make it to Murder and he eventually did. Even as a detective Rob stayed away from his past. He read the case file once, on his first day and then never looked at it again.

Rob heard about Cassie Maddox days before she started and a lot of people had a problem with her. First of all, she was a woman, only the fourth that Murder had taken (one almost had her partner killed because she freaked out and threw her gun at the suspect). Secondly, she was only 28 no one under 30 ever got into Murder and even then most people had to spend a few years as a floater, but Cassie did not. Rob, unlike most, had no problem with this. Cassie actually turned out to be pretty cool; her aunt and uncle raised her after her parents were killed. She went to Trinity for three years; no one knew why she dropped out. She drove a Vespa or “The Golf Cart” as Cassie and Rob called it. She got promoted to Murder because she was stabbed after she went undercover trying to infiltrate a drug circle. The two detectives eventually became friends and soon enough became partners, and the two were then inseparable. In fact, Cassie was one the few people Rob had told about his past; no one else in the department knew.

One day they were sitting at their desks playing Worms on the computer when O’ Kelly, their boss, came in with a case while everyone else was out for coffee. A bunch of archeologists had found the body of a young girl and without thinking Cassie said that they would take the case. However, Cassie accepted too soon, the body was found in Knocknaree. When she tried to decline O’ Kelly just yelled at her (O’ Kelly did not like Cassie for multiple reasons her sex, her age, and her clothes, to name a few.) At the time Rob thought this would be fine though, but it was not.

When they got to the site they met up with Dr. Hunt the leader of the archeological dig. He had Mark, a worker; give them a tour of the site. A kid named Damien usually gave the tours but he could not because he was having some trouble, it was Damien that found the body. Operation Vestal is under way.

After the tour they examined the body. The victim was a young girl, ten to thirteen-years-old, dead only a day or so, where they found the body was not the primary scene, and the cause of death was either strangulation or blunt trauma to the head.

They got an I.D. on the victim almost immediately. Her name was Katy Devlin. After this discovery they started questioning the
archeologist. Dr. Hunt was not to happy at this, they only had a little bit of time left before developer ripped up the historically rich land and put in a motorway. He eventually agreed though, after they threatened to...
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