In the Womb Then Out

Topics: Pregnancy, Infant, Childbirth Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: August 28, 2011
In the Womb Then Out

The time comes in every woman’s life when she wonders what it would be like to have a child. During pregnancy the body changes and adapts to having a human growing inside of it. The mind goes through many thought processes and changes, as well. There are many things pregnant women can do to ensure they birth a strong healthy baby. Once the baby is born there are many activities mothers and father’s can do with their infant, toddler and adolescent to help ensure they grow into a strong minded individual. The following will be some activities a psychoanalyst may suggest to both a 6 month pregnant woman as well as a post-partum mother, in regards to the healthy development of her child. During the six month of pregnancy the unborn child is nearly completely developed. The lungs are not fully developed nor is the digestive system. However, the baby can hear, taste and feel at this point (Berger, (2010)). There are several things a 6 month pregnant woman can do to help ensure the mental and physical well-being of her child. When mothers are pregnant recent research has shown that babies in the womb react to certain things. Therefore, when a mother is stressed the baby may sense this. With that said, relaxing is very important for an expectant mother. This can be done by reading, watching television or perhaps taking a warm bath. If the mother is good at relaxing her baby may be able to help sooth itself without the parents coddling him/her too much. This could be considered a form of conditioning derived from the theory of Behaviorism (Berger, (2010)). Along with relaxing, mother’s can also play music for their babies and talk to their babies. Mothers should also encourage one sided interaction from the father. These activities can stimulate brain activity with the child. When mothers and fathers talk to their unborn babies it can help the baby become familiar with their parents’ voices and help them gain a connection. These activities can...

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