In the USA educational system school divided into two types

Topics: Independent school, Teacher, Private school Pages: 3 (490 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Rahimova Zarrina
English 2150
April 27, 2015
The School choices. In the USA educational system school divided into two types: public & private school. The public education is universally available to all households’ children from age 4 to18. The public schools funds by state, local, and federal government. The State governments set educational standards in public school and controls it. The private school is independent school; it is non-governmental and non-state school. It does not fund by government or state. They have a right to select the student and charge them tuition whole or part. Only selected student can attend private school based on family income. Why Parents judge themselves about school choices? Only the rich can send their kids to private schools. Is it discrimination between low income and high income family? - Or discrimination between education. Mostly parent worry about their kids when he or she turns to school age .The question how educate a child one of the most important question a parents can ask. Parents always try to send their kids to good quality school. But in America school system divides into two types: public and private. It is hard for parents to make decision between these two types of schools. The public school does not have a tuition cost rather than private school. Mostly parents believe the private school better taught than public school. Parents judge themselves if their kids go in public school will not get enough education. The parent name Julie DeNeen of Clinton, Connecticut, can relate. Her three children are in public schools. She says she sometimes feels judged when people say to her, "Oh, we're sending our kids to private school." She also says: "It feels like they're insinuating that I am somehow doing less for my child by keeping them in public school," said DeNeen. From Julie DeNeem interview we can realize how she is worrying that her kids...
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