In the Time of the Butterflies

Topics: Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, Change Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: May 5, 2013
How fast can ones society change a person?
Society, power, and discipline. These are all aspects which are very commonly abused by people who have power. They push their laws upon people because they believe in their way and not the peoples are the better way to run a successful country. When society, power, and discipline are abused many people get affected by it. Innocence is corrupted, families are broken apart, and rebellion occurs throughout the country; as shown in the novel In the time of the butterflies, the author Julia Alvarez shows how the Dominican republic’s, dictator Trujillo controls society, this control causes change in the Maribal sisters. Patria and Minerva being two out of four sisters are made into rebels trying to over throw the corrupted power Trujillo has on their country. Consequently when a society’s freedom is taken away there will be changes in many people.

When a dictator abuses his power innocence can be corrupted in one’s mind, as a result creating a change in that child. The corruption of the Maribal sister’s mind started at their school. At the age of twelve patria introduces her desire to go to school, her father agrees to this with a little persuasion. While patria attended the school she knew why she was there, she wanted to serve God. This is clear to the reader due to the very first words she spoke “the pearl of great price” (Alvraez 44), symbolizing her faith which “sung inside her heart” (Alvarez 44). For a long period time while at school she truly believed that it was her destiny to serve God. However this all changed while she was doing service for her church. At her church she met a man named Pedrito Gonzalez who she believed was sent to her by the lord to not only tell but show her what her true calling was. She left school and married Pedrito. Multiple times her faith is tested with horrendous events that occur to her and her husband. Knowing her sister is

Involved in the resistance against Trujillo she is...
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