In the Ruins of the Future: Reflections on Terror, Loss, and Time in the Shadow of September By: Don DeLillo

Topics: United States, World Trade Center, Attack Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: December 12, 2013

In the Ruins of the Future: Reflections on Terror, Loss, and Time in the Shadow of September By: Don DeLillo

In this eight section essay DeLillo gives an in depth analysis the events before, during, and the repercussions after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. The essay skips around a bit but the main idea of the essay is somewhat clear. DeLillo describes the terrorist ideology of why they attacked us. Their target was not the global economy but, “It is America that drew their fury. It is the high gloss of our modernity ... our technology ... our foreign policy ... It is the power of American culture to penetrate every wall, home, life, and mind” (S1 P2).

DeLillo also touches on the common belief that America is “The only superpower on the planet” because “Technology is our fate, our truth” (S5 P1). Our status as a super power depends on “The materials and methods we devise” which “make it possible to claim our future” (S5 P1) but, “It is their technology that marks our moments, the small lethal devices, the remote-control detonators ... or the larger technology they borrow from us, passenger jets that become manned missiles.” (S5 P9). DeLillo writes of the details of everything covered in ash, falling debris spreading over several miles, and our response to this attack. “The improvised memorials ... The flags, flower beds, votive candles, the lamppost hung with paper airplanes, the passages from the Koran and the Bible, etc.” (S3 P5). To sum things up DeLillo doesn’t persuade the reader to think a certain way about the attacks and the ideology of both Americans and terrorists. DeLillo gives an alternate perspective on the attacks and how we can look back and reflect on the past. Response

I want to start off my response to this essay by saying this was the toughest essay to not only read but understand as well. I had to read through it quite a few times before I finally grasped what I thought the ideas DeLillo was trying to...
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