In the Name of the Father

Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 15, 2007
The Film "In the name of the father" explores many aspects such as lighting, relationships, camera angles and sound to capture the audience's attention.

Segment 15 is set in a police station were Gerry and Paul are being questioned about their suspected involvement in the Gilford bombing. The scene started with two police officers holding Gerry up with his arms out, this was a visual symbol of Jesus who was wrongly accused and crucified for something he didn't do which was what was happening to Gerry Conlon. Use of the peephole removed the audience from Gerry and gives them a scene of Gerry being abandoned and all alone. The dialogue in this segment is very direct and straight to the point. The director uses sound to overlap and distort the voices of the investigators, which means the audience can't understand what is being, said which is the whole point. Gerry doesn't know what they are talking about either because he is innocent. "Getting narky again, touching a sore spot are we?" was directed at Gerry when he became frustrated with the situation that he was in and had had enough. He wanted the "joke" to be over but that was not the case. Physical abuse was a big part with hitting over the head and pulling ears and hair a common occurrence throughout the segment. The body language of the interrogators and other police were very laid back. An example from the film was when Gerry was being accused and man handled by the police officers there was a group of officers outside who were having cups of tea and a birthday cake. The interrogators left the room to have a piece of cake. Lighting was very important; Gerry is viewed in a spotlight coming from behind the interrogators, which shows that they are in control and that Gerry in under pressure, and in the wrong. The tone in which Gerry was perceived was blue, grey in colour these are cold and unwelcoming colours, where as the others were warmer colours like gold and red tones.

Both Gerry and Paul...

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