In The Name Of Identity

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, Culture Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: May 14, 2015
 [A. MAALOUF. In the Name of Identity] __________________________________________________________________

1. What calls Maalouf “murderous identities”? Which are the characteristics used to define them? The concept of identity becomes dangerous when groups place one part of their identity so high in the hierarchy that all other aspects are neglected. The meaning of identity here is that of social identity, which results from our identification with others in social groups according to shared religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, occupation…. Social identities generate violence when social groups are in conflict, and their members behave unfriendly towards to each other, though they do not feel hatred toward one another as individuals. The characteristics are negativity, antipathy and fanaticism.

2. According to Maalouf the “tribal conception of identity” is something inherent in human nature and therefore insuperable or not? Please, give arguments to support your answer. He does not think that there is, unchanging tribal identity that is inherited and inseparable from the human nature. We do not have just one identity, we have many identities, the specific combination of which gives each person a unique individual identity that changes over a person’s lifetime, as do a person’s associations and experiences.

3. Why do we need a “new conception of identity” and what were the differences with the present one? The roots of many of the world’s conflicts and tensions lay within matter of identity and belonging. But in the age of globalization the new concept of identity is more than needed to prevent violence that can arise from reducing people’s identity to narrow categories. Globalization is putting a new pressure on people to claim an identity. We cannot be satisfied with people settling with stereotypes that come within or outside of a group. This concept is nowadays becoming irrelevant in its original sense due to migration.

4. Who are...
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