In the Memory of My Best Friend

Topics: 2007 albums, Suffering, Dog Pages: 1 (483 words) Published: February 5, 2010
In The Memory Of My Best Friend
By Bobbie Tittle
Fear gripped me as I walked through the front door and seen my children crying hysterically “she’s dead” they exclaimed, “They killed her”. I could feel my feet become numb as if I was paralyzed for only a moment. The heat of my blood began to rush through my body as my 13 year old daughter reached out to me to catch me before I fell to the floor. The sound of my voice was not heard, only the tears of deep agonizing pain rushed down my face like a waterfall. My son helped me from the floor and held me close to comfort me, what compassion I found in his arms. Is this how it feels to lose someone so close to your heart and soul? She was my kindred spirit from the time I looked into her eyes. So very innocent, loving and compassionate, how could anyone rob her of the life she had before her. The police explained to my husband that the boys had a tazer gun and thought it would be funny to watch someone or something twitch uncontrollably. I screamed the loudest scream I could muster, only to realize that no sound was protruding from my mouth. Immediately flashes of our time together began to rush through my mind like the turn of photo album pages. I could see her running and playing, catching the ball, playing with her babies, she was so good with them. Even though she was an adult she still found her way into my lap on cold rainy nights like when she was a baby. How could someone take her from me? How could they be so callus and cruel? Her body was taken away before I even got home from the grocery store, so I can’t even give her a proper burial. How grateful I felt to have fed her my in-n-out burger and spent alone time the night before with her. I could remember the times she would comfort me when I was sad and how she kept me company when I was alone. I know she found great comfort and love with me when I would brush her solid, silky charcoal grey coat. Her name was Baby, the first dog I ever owned. She was a...
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