In Search of Good Family Socratic Seminar

Topics: Family, Mother, The Time Pages: 4 (1577 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Socratic Seminar "In Search of Good Family"

Why is it typical of other countries to tend to have higher family obligations to one another when compared to most American families?

America focuses much attention on independence. Independence is part of what America was made up to be. In order to feel independent people often move off from their hometown and away from their original resting place. This often causes the split in families at early ages such as the typical age of 18 when a child first goes off to college or 4 years later when they move on to get their first job that takes them out of state. It isn’t necessarily that Americans don’t want this deep connection with their families, but jobs spouses, and other obligations often steer people to a different place and on a different course. Furthermore, American doesn’t value family as high as other countries. In India they have a list of the five main values a family should follow, 1. Respect elders, 2. Take care of parents in their old age, 3. Respect the Guru or spiritual teacher, 4. Contribute to society and humankind through selfless service, 5. Pass on cultural, spiritual and ancient heritage to their children. Here it is seen that they are brought up learning this, rehearsing this, and keeping this in mind. In America parents have a tendency not to teach their children rules like such or they are often forgotten about: However, some American families still do carry these traditions. Another reason why America doesn’t have these focuses is because it is one nation made up of a mixture of culture versus a nation with virtually the same culture. With this being said culture plays a huge role in the bringing up of a family and different cultures have different values so the country itself doesn’t focus on the need of families and family loyalty like many other nations do.

Why does Howard make the comparison of a person in the group to a switchboard operator on page 285 bullet 2?

Howard wrote,...
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