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“In re Gault Case”

By apple841 Sep 26, 2013 282 Words
In the case of “In re Gault” it was a landmark decision, which finally gave Juveniles the same due processes of adults. The U.S Supreme Court made this decision in 1967 after hearing the case of fifteen-year-old Gerald Gault. Gerald Gault was arrested on the morning of June 8, 1964, by the sheriff of Gila County, Arizona. The neighbor called the police saying that Gerald Gault called her house and used inappropriate and offensive language. The sheriff showed up to Gault’s residence arresting Gerald Gault without notifying the mother of Gerald. Gerald Gault claimed his friend called the woman and said the things to her, and that he had nothing to do with it. Gault’s preliminary hearing was the next morning, which ended when the judge said he would "think about it". Gault remained in custody for several more days until being released without explanation. He then received notice to appear at another court date. At this date the judge ordered that Gault was to be confined at the State Industrial School, until the age of 21. At the hearing the prosecution presented no evidence and no witnesses. In the state of Arizona at the time permitted no appeal in juvenile cases. Until the U.S supreme court had a 8-1 vote in favor of Gault.

The Gerald Gault case led to a new way of dealing with juveniles. Gault had a lot of misguided rulings that threw him into the State Industrial School. Juveniles now have the same due process rights as adults, allowing juveniles the same opportunities to defend themselves. All the mistakes in the In re Gault Case, eventually led to something good for juveniles rights from that point forward.

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