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In plant training for the professional is now essential to know in details the application mode of modern scientific and management issue aiming to familiar them correctly. This training is the bridge between the theories and principles with their practices, in other words between the institution and commercial organization. Sun Pharmaceuticals BD Ltd. is committed to ensure between lives through quality medicine. For this, I selected the Sun Pharmaceuticals BD Ltd. to be trained which is a fast growing pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. I feel proud to take my training in such factory. All of the employees from top to bottom of the factory are very much cooperative and responsive. They help me to understand every operation, simplify various critical points and make me understand a factory job. I am very much grateful and my cordial gratitude to them.

Company overview
Sun Pharma began in 1983 with just 5 products to treat psychiatry ailments. Sales were initially limited to two states in Eastern India. Sales were rolled out nationwide in 1985. Products for cardiology were introduced in 1987, and Monotrate, one of the first products launched then, continues to be sold even today. Important products in Cardiology were later added; several of these introduced for the first time in India, and these brought patients the latest treatments at a sensible cost, a belief we've always lived by. Sun Pharmaceutical (Bangladesh) is a private limited company, owns and operates a pharmaceutical factory and makes pharmaceutical products that are sold in the local market. The company began commercial operations in 2004. This is partnership between Sun Pharmaceutical subsidiaries and City Overseas Ltd, a company incorporated in Bangladesh. The company owns and operates a pharmaceutical factory and makes pharmaceutical products that are sold in the local market It currently markets 58 products and had reported a turnover of 105 mill Rs with a profit of Rs.22 mill Rs for the year ending March 08.

The Sun Pharma of tomorrow will have brands registered in major markets of the world, and in most markets, promoted by a high quality field force. With a strong network and established company equity, they would be an excellent partner for a company seeking to license out products across markets. Mission:

They are an international specialty pharmaceuticals company, with a presence in 30markets. They also make active pharmaceutical ingredients. In branded markets, their products are prescribed in chronic therapy areas like cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, gastroenterology, and dialectology and respiratory. In the time since, they have crossed several milestones to emerge as an important specialty pharmaceuticals company with technically complex products in global markets, and a leading pharma company in India. They a leader in each of the therapy areas that they operate in, and are rated among the leading companies by key customers. Strengthening market share and keeping this customer focus remains a high priority area for the company. Objective

Their objectives are to conduct transparent business operations within the legal &social frame work with aims to attain the mission reflected by their vision.

Product list of Sun Pharma Bd Ltd.

Sl no| Brand Name| Active Ingredients| Therapeutic Group| Dosage Form| Strength| Coating Status| Packing | 1| Adfovir| Adefovir DipivoxiL| Antiviral| Tablet| 10 mg| Uncoated| Strip| 2| Alzolam 0.25| AlprazolamUSP| Psychiatry| Tablet| 0.25 mg | Uncoated| Blister| 3| Alzolam 0.50| Alprazolam USP| Psychiatry| Tablet| 0.50 mg | Uncoated| Blister| 4| Alzolam SR1| Alprazolam USP| Psychiatry| Tablet| 1.00 mg | Uncoated| Blister| 5| Amlobet| Amplodipine Besilate BP & Atenolol| Cardiology| Tablet| Amplodipine 5 mg| Uncoated| Strip|  |  | BP|  |  | & Atentolol 50 mg|  |  |

6| Amlosun 5| Amplodipine Besilate...
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