In management woman beter than men

Topics: Leadership, Management, Woman Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 4, 2014
1. Well friends, its not important how many things are you managing at a time. Its important how EFFICieNTLY are you manging those things. Im not doubting on the capabilities of women.Bbut i would like to disuss here one condition. If a women faces some issues in her home. will those issues be affecting the decision she will make in office afterwords.

2. Yes, women can manage better than man.they have equal abilities along with men. They can also tackle the situations better than men. They can take right decision in a right time. They have good leadership qualities.

3. In my view. Women are the best managers. Womens can handle the office work as well as household work equally... They take the right decisions at right time.But Men are physically tougher and the women are mentally tougher.

4. A women can be a good manager but the quality of the manager not depend on the gender. A person is good manager who have the skills to motivate the employs, give the direction and maintain the interest and to work with the employs in effectively and efecient manner.

5. Yes, women are better manger bcoz they are hard work and they know their respossibilities.

6. Yes, Women are the best manager than men. Because they easily manage in both family as well as office. And also they have good leadership quality to run the team.

7. Women have different quality than men. Like they have patient, good time management skills and responsible. Men have different qualities than women. He can do the work at under pressure , he has daring. But Now days it isn\'t new to women are CEO or MD of an big organization. Here strange but true there are only couple of women. But almost 80% there are men.

8. In my opinion , i will say that women are the good managers compare to men because ,women have the capability of managing all the circumstances, they have their own planning of getting reed of any difficulties at any situation simply we can say that they are having more...
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