In Film Advertisingaims and Objective

Topics: Bollywood, Product placement, Paresh Rawal Pages: 5 (1621 words) Published: August 7, 2008
Study Rationale:
Effectiveness of In-Film Advertising
Consumer Behavior and Advertiser’s Behavior towards In-film Advertising Exploring product placement opportunities offered by the mainstream Hollywood and Bollywood movies, by understanding their nature, the audiences they serve and benefits the industry aims at with respect to the placed product.

Study Objective:
To test the effectiveness of brand placement in movies both from the consumers and the advertisers perspective. •To understand the advantages and the drawbacks faced by the producer as well as the advertiser. •To understand the factors taken into consideration when placing an ad in a film by producers and advertisers •To understand the importance of correct placement of the products in the films. •Analyze the extent and nature of product placement as it presently occurs within the Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Significance of study:
The industry provides a significant opportunity for strategically planned brand placements, but there is little evidence of academic research in brand placement‘s effectiveness or consumer attitudes within Bollywood cinema to-date. This research is aimed at providing an overview of current product placement research in Hollywood cinema with a view to examining the lessons that can be learnt by film producers and brand managers looking to formalize product placement strategy in Bollywood productions.

Research Methodology:
The method of research for this paper is a mix of data collection and quantitative analysis. The quantitative analysis would involve collection of statistical data available from the users and demographics details over a period of time, in this case November - December, 2007. In all questionnaires will be administered to 150 respondents. Methods of data collection will also include interviews with the marketers of different companies to gather information on their views on product placement in movies. Secondary data would include analysis from various movies and published articles. Limitations:

Limited Sample Size
Responses could subjective, hence it would be difficult to quantify •Non response error
Interpretation error


The concept may not be new but it is definitely making its present felt with a lot of force lately. In Hollywood this practice has been a fairly old one. The best example would definitely be of James Bond. This series had so many products that it was actually dubbed as Ad film, right from Aston Martin, BMW, OMEGA to Reid and Taylor. Exactly when did this concept came in vogue in India is a little difficult to ascertain but movies like “Kya Cool Hain Hum” does stand out, right from the first song highlighting SPYKAR jeans to the presence of CCD coffee chain through out the movie. Another movie would be “Hungama” where Akshay Khanna is shown to be running a Videocon outlet. And who can forget Amitabh Bachchan as the owner of ARCHIES in “Waqt”, or Paresh Rawal mentioning DOMINOS in “Phir Hera Pheri”. In a very recent movie “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” we can see advertisements of products like Go Air, World Space and Indian oil, for once the advertisements are done in such a way that you don’t find them unnecessary, but impossible to do without, the examples are endless. The reason this trend is spreading is that it is a win-win situation of all parties involved. The kind of coverage that Hindi movies give is probably only second to cricket. So this makes the sponsors happy. On the other hand it gives the producers breathing space as they recover at least a part of their money even before the movie releases. With the variety of movies that are churned out of BOLLYWOOD it ensures that no matter what is your product you can get a chance to advertise it in a movie.

It is not a very radical change; it is actually just a shift. Earlier you had company’s advertising before a movie was screened. Now they have just taken...
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