In Defnese of Luxury

Topics: Sociology, Wealth, 1998 albums Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: November 13, 2005
In the article "A Mild Defense of Luxury", James Twitchell paints a vivid picture of how luxury is perceived. He gives us a close snapshot about how we fell about luxury in our society. Our society has defined so many materials like clothing, liquor, appliances, furniture, etc., that we have created our own standard when compared to what luxury should be and how can we attain it.

Many years we classified what is considered luxury by having majestic homes and servants. What a big difference from today. These people remained in their own worlds, classifying them apart from others. They created their individual systems independent of the other, while creating an atmosphere that made them untouchable. This type of behavior was passed down from generation to generation.

Upon the birth of the industrial market, came a new blood line. These people became the new generation who brought along with them a new make up of wealthiness. These people presented a newer sense of luxury that gave them a newer, differentiated social class and status.

In the olden era, society's elite or rich, were merely considered the older males who took up residence in areas or communities that reeked of high rent and social status. These people chose to stay in these areas thus creating a genre of wealthy status. As time progressed, a newer generation of wealthy people moved into those communities. With

them, they bought their new attitudes and own ideologies of what being wealthy should be like. During this time, people's level of wealth changed, but their happiness levels remained the same.

For the most part, being rich or wealthy doesn't guarantee happiness. Society's mindset has been programmed to think that they will be happy if we can attain all of the material things that require the most amount of money. Society has maintained its own standards within communities, to consider one to be rich or wealthy. This article has given focus to our individual...
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