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In Defense of Traditional Marriage

By momakat Aug 10, 2014 1529 Words

In defense of Traditional Marriage
Patricia Fore
PHI 103
Instructor: Leslie Dunn
March 9, 2014

In defense of Traditional Marriage
What is at issue, (Anderson, 2013), is whether the government will recognize such relationships as marriage and then force every citizen, house of worship and business to do so well. At issue, is whether policy will pressure and require others to recognize and affirm same-sex relationships as marriage?

According to (Anderson, 2013) being created equal does not entail or require redefining marriage. Every marriage policy draws lines, leaving out some types of relationships. It is true that “marriage equality” makes a good slogan for activists and politicians, but true equality forbids arbitrary line-drawing. It requires that the state get marriage right. To do so we need to answer two questions: What is marriage? Why does it matter for policy?

I looked for a good source for the answer to those two questions. The best one’s I could find was the Holy Bible about marriage. Then about the same sex-couples and here is where, we as Christians have the problems and hopefully the answers. Marriage stating in (Holy Bible, 1958) version Red letter addition, Marriage is a Devine institution; Instituted by God. In Genesis chapter two verse eighteen through twenty four, is telling us how God made women, because Adam needed a companion. God took a rib from Adam and made this women. He did not make Wayne for Adam. In Mathew chapter ten verses seven through nine said, they twain shall be one flesh; so then, they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore, God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

I believe in God and his son Jesus. They were against this because it is abomination to their selves who ever, commits this act against the natural Laws of God. I am also against the same sex-marriage. How are they supposed to be joined as on flesh according to the laws of Nature? This is what our country was built on was the foundation based society of Christianity. That was used for thousands of years before our civilization was ever thought about being here. Two same sex people in the Holy Bible or any Bible calls the untraditional marriage, an act of unnatural perversion, for something that is between women and man. Being under the impression that everyone was raise with the basic knowledge of the Christian way of life. Maybe the untraditional couples did not read the same version everyone else read. Or maybe the people of the same sex couple do not believe in God and Jesus. In the Christian Research Journal (Richards, 2012), “No one is persuaded.” Never before in western history has the institution of marriage be in more danger. Most of the media and elite culture claim that same sex marriage is a matter of “marriage equality.” If the state redefines marriage, we should expect to see marriage collapse as a public institution. Richards makes a very good point here. If you support limited government and individual rights, shouldn’t you oppose laws that define or favor traditional marriage? Or shouldn’t the state, get out of the marriage business al together. I thought this is why they separated the States and Religion and now they are going to try to change the act of Marriage.

I myself, believe that the government should run the country and not even try to twist what the founding father of the Bill of Rights tried to set in motion for the citizens of the United States. Twisting the interpretation of the meaning of the words that are of Natures laws. To me this is just what happened in a city, called Sodom and Gomorra. Look what is happening here in this country does it seem familiar. The government does not need to play mate maker for its citizens. Because according to Gods laws they will have a penalty of death and this does not sound like an eternal life to me. So, if they have a set guide line for a traditional marriage. Why are they allowing this same sex couples in policies to receive the same benefits as the traditional marriage. Because the Liberal government are saying that the people’s individual rights are being denied. Individual rights are not, just the same-sex marriages are. The liberal government of some small amount of states that say we did it now the government must do and give these people the same rights as the Traditional Marriages. Because a couple of Same-sex partners are in the Governor and senator seats that believe in this unnatural perversion to have same sex partners are acceptable for everyone to rejoice over Knowing the people are being force by our very own government is trying to pass this ridiculous law. I do not think so. Or at least I will hope not. These same liberals also wanted God removed from the Schools and Events Ever wonder why? The Holy Bible or any other Bible will tell you the true ways to heaven. And this same sex-marriages is not the way. But the government want us to believe that it is okay for two men or two women kissing in front of children that is okay! You cannot even say a prayer in public. Trying to steer people away from God and his Son due to the fact, the Bible said, this is going to happen. This was thousands of years ago. Leviticus chapter 18 verses twenty two and twenty nine “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with women kind; it is abomination, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.

These confused people that want to redefine marriage is breaking all levels of the traditional marriage. (CNN, 2014) It is the Justice Departments policy to recognize lawfully same-sex marriages as broadly as possible, to ensure equal treatment for all members of society regardless of sexual orientation. Attorney General Eric Holder. This is a mile stone for the gay marriages. Our US Government expanded federal legal matters. For them the matters of bankruptcies, prison visits and survivor benefits, Brian Brown president of the National Organization for marriage, criticized what he called the latest move by the Obama administration “to undermine the authority and sovereignty of the states to make their own determinations regulating the institute of marriage.” This move impacts how millions of Americans interact with the federal government. Includes bankruptcy cases, prison visitation rights, survivor benefits for police officers and firefighters killed on the job, and the legal right to refuse to incriminate a spouse.

(Long, 2012) Stacy is the Director of Public Policy and government affairs at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. She said, that our ability to marry is being decided by a ballot box, in state legislatures, in the courts, and finally now in the Supreme Court. They are trying to persuade congress or the Supreme Court to stop marriage discriminating. Because of the so called Defense of marriage act, the federal government discriminates against same sex couple marriages. They are not granting them the federal benefits and protections that are granted to the marriages of the opposite sex couples and they think this is supposed to end. In Constitutional Law there are difficult questions that is written that will allow these people to twist for their own good they think. The Constitution provides that “No state shall…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.” There was an amendment added; one that protects rights throughout the nation and upheld equality as a Constitutional Value, according to Linda R. Monk a constitutional scholar.

This is the fourteenth Amendment that right was given to the Slaves in the free territories granted them citizenship to all born in the United States, regardless of color. Ratified in 1868. This only gives individual right to the people nothing about marriages. It took three quarters of a century and a civil war, before the fourteenth amendment made equality a right and gave the federal government the power to enforce it. They want to use this as an argument to get married in the government to receive the acceptance they think they are entitled to. This is wrong and if won in the courts how will these couple keep up the growth needed in society so it will not die. Because same-sex people cannot reproduce off springs, to repopulate society and they will diminish. I believe the weakest point in this inductive argument is trying to use the fourteenth amendment to twist and use as they see fit to make the government force us to accept the same-sex marriage as okay.

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