In Defence of Food

Topics: Nutrition, Whole grain, Food Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: March 9, 2011
In Defence of Food
1. The one idea in the introduction that was intriguing to me was Pollan’s recommendation to “eat food”. At the very beginning of the introduction when Pollan said that we should “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants” (pg. 1) I was surprised to know that he considers meat as a side dish, than as a main. He is encouraging America to eat MOSTLY plants is a lot more realistic than encouraging America to eat ONLY plants.

2. Nutritionism is the idea that the nutritional value of a food is the sum of all its individual nutrients, vitamins and other components. This is also known as scientific reductionism, when nutritionists and food scientists began to isolate the health components of food rather than the whole food product.  Therefore, the food is divided into invisible nutrients and each nutrient within the food is divided into the healthy and unhealthy ones. Since nutrients are invisible, it is now necessary to rely on nutrition experts to make food choices for us and tell us which nutrients are healthy or unhealthy. Moreover, it also means that the only point of eating is to promote bodily health, which nutrients are “good” for health and which ones are “bad”. 3. Lipid hypothesis claimed that dietary (saturated fat) in particular leads to heart disease. Trying to get people off of saturated fat or trying to get them onto Trans fats, was really a bad advice because the link between Trans fats and heart disease is the strongest link we have of any fat to heart disease. They told us butter is evil and margarine is good, and it turned out to be the opposite.

4. After seven weeks in the bush, O’Dea drew blood from the Aborigines and found striking improvements in virtually every measure of their health. All had lost and seen their blood pressure drop. Their triglyceride levels had fallen into the normal range. The proportion of omega-3 fatty acids in their tissues had increased dramatically. Therefore O’Dea concluded, that...
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