In D. R. E Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Addiction, Adolescence, Nicotine, Drug addiction, Smoking / Pages: 1 (151 words) / Published: Feb 28th, 2017
In D.A.R.E. we learn about our life. Would you like to hear some more. Let me tell you.

First, we learn about what to do when you are stressed. If you are stressed out you can sleep, or you can also take a break on your homework and go for a walk, or you can hang out with a friend.

Then, we learn what's bad for you, like we learn how to not do drugs, and not smoke or have any alcohol and other stuff like that. Also we know that smoking can cause brain damage.

Last, we do fun skits like on how to walk away from bad situations, like smoking, drinking, and bad stuff like that, because we no it's not good for you and your body.

All in all it is really fun, it is fun what we learn from officer Jill what she does for

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