IN COLD BLOOD PASSAGE PAGE 272 – 303 (263 – 294)

Topics: Holcomb, Kansas, Richard Hickock, Truman Capote Pages: 5 (1629 words) Published: April 27, 2015
PAGE 272 – 303 (263 – 294)
(All page references will be to the Penguin Group Books, 2008 edition (Orange one))


Major: Richard “Dick” Eugene Hickock:

(Autobiography on page 277 – 279)
Most of his early life was a blur to him, up until he was 10 He was considered to be a normal child, having his share of fights and girls His home life was also “normal” but had strict parents
Has a brother
He was spoilt even though his family had financial problems
He considered his family to be “semi-poor”
Father was a hard worker
Mother was also a hard worker
Dick was an above average student in high school for the first two years He then had a girlfriend, who he respected
He participated in all sports
In his senior year he focused on playing football
Then he had his first real relationship with a girl
He had offers to play football from two colleges but turned them down After he graduated, he got a job at Santa Fe Railroad, he stayed till the following winter and was fired The following spring he worked at Roark Motor Company, he worked for four months before an accident that caused him to be hospitalized for a couple of days, with extensive head injuries Because of the accident he was unemployed for the whole winter During that time he met and girl and fell in love

Her father was a Baptist preacher, he disapproved of Dick
In July they got married and she was pregnant
After marriage he work constantly from place to place
He worked at Perry Pontiac for five years
He did many bad things, he said that it seemed to just be an impulse when he did wrong He never though about right or wrongs
He has a obsession with young girls
Dick says his main reason to go to the Clutter’s was not to rob them but to rape the girl Dick had tried to rape the Clutter girl but Perry did not give him the chance to do so He is more ashamed of his obsessions then being hanged

He blames his wrong doings on the car accident
Early 1957 was the start of all his causes
He had met a young girl and started an affair
His had then divorced him
His mother says his the “best-natured little kid”
Dick loves to steal, Perry calls it Dick’s emotional sickness Dick shows characteristics to server character disorder


Major: Perry Edward Smith

(Autobiography on page 274 – 277)
Born: October 27, 1928 in Huntington, Elko County, Nevada
1929, family moved to Juneau, Alaska
Was a child of 4
Brother: Tex Jr. (Later changed his name to ‘James’)
Sister: Fern (Later changed to ‘Joy’)
Sister: Barbaara
Mother was an alcoholic, “entertainer”,
Father physically abused family
Perry began to have fears of his farther abusing him
Lived in Fort Bragg, California
Shot his brother in the ear with a B.B gun but did not feel any remorse Mother had an affair with a Negro (Sam)
In 1935, parents got divorced.
Mother had the rights to take the children
They moved to San Francisco
Perry caused a lot of trouble in San Francisco
Joined a gang, all were older than him
No one had taught him right from wrong
Constantly in and out of detention homes
Has a weak kidney, wet his bed every night
Was beaten up by the cottage mistress
Perry had lived with his father throughout his early adolescent years When he was 16, he joined the Merchant Marine
In 1948 her joined the army
Around this time he started to realize the importance of education While he was in the army, he committed many crimes
He was in the army for almost four years
He served in Japan and Korea, he was in Korea for 15 months
He received recognition for being the first Korean Veteran to come back to the territory of Alaska Finished his army service in Ft. Lewis, Washington
A motorcycle accident that made him crippled
The burglary in Phillipsburg, Kansas, that gave him his first prison sentence. Became very bitter while he was in jail
He was suppose to go to Alaska with his father but he instead worked in Nevada and Idaho then went to...
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