In Cold Blood Essay

Topics: In Cold Blood, Social status, English-language films Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: April 8, 2013
IAbdulla Shora Shora 1 ENG3U – 12
Ms. Morris
3 October 2012
Capote’s Biasness in ‘In Cold Blood’
In the journalistic novel, In Cold Blood, Capote has tried to portray the book in a factual way and write only true events. However, as a journalist, Capote has shown biasness towards the characters in the novel and might unintentionally degraded some of the characters (who were actual people). Biasness is very hard to avoid in journalism, and Capote has represented the actual event clearly and made it truthful to the best of his abilities. Capote shows his biasness when he describes Dick’s and Mr. Clutter’s appearance, their lifestyle, and their social status trough stylistic devises, such as diction and Syntax. He ultimately shows that Dick is a worthless criminal and Mr. Clutter to be a respected, innocent father, and husband. Firstly, Capote clearly shows his biasness when he is describing Mr. Clutter’s and Dick’s body image. Since Mr. Clutter was a respected man in Holcomb, Capote did not mention any negative features of Mr. Clutter. Almost as if Capote was admiring him and representing him in a positive manner. The following quote from the passage shows the positive description of Mr. Clutter, “…Mr. Clutter cut a man’s-man figure. His shoulders were broad, his hair had held its dark color, his square-jawed, confident face retained a healthy-hued youthfulness…” (Page 3) Every description of Mr. Clutter’s physical image was detailed and positive. Capote portrayed Mr. Clutter as an average man without talking about anything negative about him. This quotation Shora 2

from the passage shows Capote’s biasness because he gave a very detailed and positive description of Mr. Clutter because he was an innocent victim. However, Capote did not give Dick a positive body image description. The following quote describes how Capote describes Dick in a...
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