In Cold Blood

Topics: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: March 23, 2015
Cortney Anderson
Michael Thornton
American Lit.
3 December 2014
Paired Novel Assignment 1
The Novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a well-written creative non-fiction book about a true murder case of the Clutter family. The novel touches upon the American values in the way that the American dream is fairly recurrent in the main characters. He explores social conflicts between the murder suspects and the law, how the murder is causing an effect on the close net community it’s set in, nature vs. nurture in the since that if Dick and Perry, the murder suspects, were raised differently that maybe they wouldn’t have grown to become murderers.

The main characters, the murder suspects, are constantly in search of the American dream and the deaths of the Clutter family symbolize how that dream can almost instantaneously become shattered. Most of the points around the American dream throughout this book are based upon how the Clutter family lives what is believed to be the American dream. The American dream has since become more and more about the material things and less satisfied with what you have. The Clutter family is killed when Dick and Perry are attempting to rob the place because they heard the family had money and the robbery goes wrong. This shows that Dick and Perry were so worried about the money inside the house than the actual families that lived in them. This says a lot about society because money has become increasingly important and it is only a piece of paper. With the American dream bigger is always better but with that comes the saying, “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” and the people inside this book truly believe this. The friends of the families are also upset because Capote is making money off of it as Bob Rupp says to the Associated press in an interview, “They made a tremendous amount of money off our great tragedy.” In the book we find out that Bob Rupp dates Nancy Clutter who is also killed in the home. In the small town in Kansas where...

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