In Cold Blood

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Shams Ghulam
Mrs. Kosaka
Same but different Cold Blood
While the flow of the murdering story itself, one of the most interesting and important facts in the novel In Cold Blood is the characterization of Dick and Perry, the murderers. They are both demonstrated as cold blooded, but as the story come into possession of gleaning Dick’s and Perry’s background personality, it becomes conspicuous that Dick is mentally and emotionally cold blooded while Perry is physically cold blooded. They were both erroneous and received death penalty but Dick deserved more than Perry.
Perry grew up facing abundance of abominable days. Having a mother “’Entertaining’ some sailors” while his father was away, than father comes back “Struggle, threw the sailors out and proceeded to beat mother” (Capote 265). Eventually he lost both of his parents during his childhood, “It wasn’t any gallon of ice-cream” as in a way of life for him (Capote 127). He was a great football player during high school and had physically strong and muscular upper body, but he had short and weak legs because of the motorcycle accident. Also he was never a good talker. Perry knew what was right and what was wrong. When Dick tried steal, rape, or kill dogs Perry tried to stop him. But he was type of a man who sometimes physically turned into a cold blooded without him realizing it, as if his hands are moving on its own.

Unlike Perry, Dick had an awesome childhood; he was “Always the star player. A pretty good student too, with A marks in several subjects (Capote 158). On the other hand, he did not think too widely, he “Never give any thought to whether it is right or wrong” (Capote 270). He had three ex-wives and says “I never really loved my wife” (Capote 271). Same with stealing “It seems to be an impulse” for him (Capote 270). Dick was dirty minded man, trying to rape Nancy, trying kill dogs by car, and sleeping with prostitute in front of her children. Dick’s actions...
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